Employee Testimonials

The Salem agency is great because we do what it takes when it matters the most. I fully believe that each and every employee does what it takes to provide excellent end of life care. My team doesn’t work just to have a job, they have hearts of gold!!

We provide above and beyond exemplary service to our patients, families, and employees. Serenity provides alternative modalities and holds our Veterans near and dear to our hearts. We know what it takes to extend love and care during the hardest time of life.

Community Liaison – Salem, Oregon

My favorite part of my job is explaining our “wish list” program to potential patients and their families. It shows how we try to go above and beyond for each individual. I love feeling like I have a huge family at work. We are always there for each other.

Intake Coordinator – San Antonio, TX

I love working in hospice because I feel appreciated by the patients and their families. It is rewarding for me because I feel that every day I am making a difference. Not only do we give good care, but we have different things available that other hospices have cut. We have aide care available on the weekends for those that are really in need. The team atmosphere in my office makes coming to work a positive experience.

Hospice Aide – San Antonio, TX

I love working in hospice because I can utilize a holistic view where the patient’s spiritual as well as bodily needs are hand in hand. I have found that I have a commanding position to help spouses as well as younger family members deal with the pending death of their loved one. I find myself becoming part of the family, not just the bearer of symptom relieving medications. I am able to hold a hand, talk about God, and truly make a difference in my patients’ lives.

RN Case Manager – San Antonio, TX

The Boerne agency is great because Hospice Partners has allowed me the freedom to build a team and develop a culture within our office that is patient focused and team supported. I have been able to work with the team to develop an atmosphere that is positive, driven and supportive of each other. HPA does not try to change that culture but embraces the individuality of each office.

Executive Director – Boerne, TX

I love working in hospice because it is an honor and a privilege to be entrusted with a loved one’s final months, weeks, or hours in this life. The challenge of being able to educate caregivers and providers on this amazing benefit that our loved ones deserve keeps me motivated every day.

I saw first-hand how hospice helped not only my dad in his last months of life, but also the support that our family, his caregivers, received. When my dad got sick, my mom actually declined faster than he did from giving him all the care he needed. Our hospice team helped us all and we were able to keep my dad at home, where he wanted to be. He died with dignity.

Community Liaison – Basehor, KS

Hospice Partners of Kansas is great because we know people on a very individual level and provide very individualized care. My favorite part of my job is working together with our team to address a need or solve a problem.

Chaplain – Basehor, KS

The most important thing that I have learned while working in hospice is that everyone has a story and if you truly listen, you will learn more about the world than you’d ever imagine. The stories and legacies left by our patients and being able to be part of those stories is something I didn’t expect when choosing hospice as a career. I love the connection I share with my patients.

I love working for Hospice Partners because it is a company that truly cares for their employees and patients. It seems cliché but I have never worked for a company more focused on employee and patient satisfaction as primary goals.

RN Team Lead – Basehor, KS